martes, 8 de abril de 2008

Out of sight, out of mind

Once upon a time, in a green and sunny countryside lived one little bee .
Every morning the little bee leaves her home and flies through the small willow woods, over the shiny river and across the fields of golden wheat. She travels so far because there grows a lonely sunflower; this was not a common sunflower but the one whom the little
bee loves.
The sunflower never talked to her, but she was sure about his feelings. "He is only a bit shy" -muttered for herself - "one day he will hug me and shout our love in the winds".
Spring gone and Summer comes, and the little
bee kept visiting her beloved sunflower, staying with him from dawn to dusk. "Only one more day" -swears in vain every night- "if tomorrow he doesn't talk to me, I will never come back".
One evening, crying over the sunflower, the little
bee suddenly saw all clear "During the day he can't talk to me because he must follow the sun movement, I must wait by his side until the night comes". The light vanished from the countryside and the sunflower lowered his head. One cricket landed over the sunflower by the little bee 's side.

- Hi! Why are you here? The day is over,
bees don't fly by night.

- I'm waiting for the words of love of this beautiful sunflower.

- What? This is a flower, flowers can't talk.

- But he loves me! I know it!!

- I don't want to break your heart, but that doesn't change anything, it can't talk.

- Shut up! Shut up!!! You don't understand anything!

The little
bee flew away crying, and never came back. Sometimes happiness is only found with eyes closed.

5 comentarios:

Naru dijo...

Jelouuu!!!!!!!!!!!! jejeje

I will have 10 points thanks for you:)

Very kisses:)

Lauss dijo...

bonita, y a la vez triste, moraleja.

pero... te ha quedado un poco cursi, no?? :p


congratulations for your english!!

kiss 4 u!!

Duenda. dijo...

Un día, deberías escribir un cuento donde un chico intenta enamorar a una chica y otra chica intenta enamorar al chico del principio. La historia te la cuento yo. El final, lo pones tú, que a mí me da miedo, soy muy mala escribiendo finales.

Beso, guapo!
A ver si te vemos.

Javi dijo...

naru: That would make me very happy :)
As always, I'm pleased to help :)
Lots of kisses :)

lauss: Me ha salido un poco triste, si, y puede que un poquito cursi, pero solo lo minimo necesario

duenda: Creo que a nadie le gusta escribir finales, ese cuento seguro que tendrá un "continuará" al final. La protagonista se lo merece :)

El bardo dijo...

ahora resulta que los elfos son de londres, joder como cambian los tiempos...